Female Urinary Collection Device

uCol 3D Model

Indwelling Catheter Urinary Track Infections (CAUTI) are a significant concern for every healthcare provider and patient around the world.  As is frequently the case, those closest to the problem have a life-saving idea.  An ICU nurse at Spectrum Health brought forward a novel idea.  This was vetted by Spectrum Health Innovations (SHI) and presented, along with the design challenge to Grand Valley State University engineering students. The challenge was embedded within the project-based design curriculum where the students engineered, developed, and prototyped concepts.  Following the success of the business and engineering students, Spectrum Health Innovations engaged aMDI to investigate the design for manufacturability and business viability.  This included elements of medical grade materials, adhesives, FDA regulatory, and sales and distribution aspects in the mindset of productizing the device, referred to as uCol.  This work has resulted in submission of a provisional patent that includes additional novel design elements that were added beyond the concept model shown.  The uCol system benefits from having a cost equal to or less than normal indwelling catheters, while greatly reducing the risks associated with CAUTIs, while saving nurses time in checking for pressure sores around the applied area. Follow-on phases will include engineering testing, low-volume injection molded devices, pre-clinical, and clinical testing.

Female Urinary Catheter Device 2

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