3D Additive Manufacturing

Bringing groundbreaking 3D Additive Manufacturing Technology into Medical Device Manufacturing


Grand Valley State University, applied Medical Device Institute (aMDI), and medical device partner, MediSurge, will utilize groundbreaking 3D printing technology from Carbon, Inc. to create production grade parts using medical grade materials and tolerances to accelerate both the device development and the component manufacturing cycle.


The state-of-the-art Carbon 3D printer technology has been installed in aMDI’s incubator space, located in Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences.


Only five other universities in the nation are leveraging the revolutionary Carbon 3D printing technology on campus, all of which are on the east or west coast.

Carbon’s unique technology offers nine different families of materials that are biocompatible, meaning they are not toxic or harmful to living tissue and can be used in or under the skin