3D Additive Manufacturing

Bringing groundbreaking 3D Additive Technology into Medical Device Manufacturing

Let aMDI make your idea a reality with the use of 3D additive manufacturing technology. Thanks to 3D additive manufacturing it has never been quicker and easier to obtain a final product. Utilizing 3D additive manufacturing we are able to not only significantly reduce your costs compared to traditional manufacturing but also accelerate the finalized product to market faster than ever before.

Envision One from EnvisionTec

With the Envision One from EnvisionTec we are able to print polymer parts that meet industry standards, rapidly develop prototypes, and complete small quantities of finalized, production ready pieces. The Envision One features patented continuous digital light manufacturing.

Features of the Envision One:

  • Layerless technology delivers super smooth models
  • LED light source at 385nm wavelength for higher accuracy on clear parts and crisper details across all parts.
Envision Tec Printer
Co and Katie working in the 3D AM Lab
Co and Katie working with the EnvisionOne from EnvisionTec

Gearbox HT2 from 3DXTech

The Gearbox HT2 from 3DXTech, manufactured in Grand Rapids, is one of our new 3D filament printer.

Features of the Gearbox HT2:

  • 18in x 18inx 32in build chamber
  • High heat chamber that allows us to use high melt temp. materials
  • Runs all resin at a temperature that improves dimensional support
Gearbox HT2
Raj getting our first part out of the Gearbox
A part being printed

Metal X from Markforged

Another 3D printer new to aMDI is our Metal X printer from Markforged. This is a 3D additive manufacturing system that combines metal injection molding (MIM) and fused filament fabrication (FFF) technologies together into Bound Powder Extrusion. This new printer allows us to print metal prototypes and designs.

Features of the Metal X:

  • Various metal materials to print with including: copper, nickel-chromium, stainless steel, and tool steel.
  • Surface finish improved post processing
Metal X 3D printer

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