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Annie Comor-Jacobs, '67

Annie Comor-Jacobs, '67

Annie Comor-Jacobs is a very proud to be a product of Grand Haven and Grand Valley State University. The lessons learned at Grand Valley have molded and followed her through out her life. 

Comor-Jacobs is a member of the first graduating class at GVSU, which has led her on a path of pioneering. She is constantly thinking “outside of the box” in her career, and in live.

Annie moved to Wilmington, North Carolina in January of 2000 and immediately set to work finding volunteer opportunities that would allow her to give back to her new community. When asked why she spends much of her time volunteering, she replies

“God has blessed me and I live with God. I have always had a home and enough food. It breaks my heart to know people are suffering and don’t have anything. I volunteer so I can put my passion and pioneering to work for those who don’t have what they need.”     

An educator for 34 years, Comor-Jacobs worked for Wayne County Community College in Detroit Michigan for 20 years. She held both instructional and administrative positions. As Provost of a campus, she created an active campus citizen advisory council and assisted with developing short term classes for the City of Detroit’s Empowerment Zone.

Upon arrival in Wilmington, Annie used her knowledge and experience as a pioneer and an educator to have a positive impact on several organizations. She volunteers for five non-profit organizations, in addition to providing service to family, friends and neighbors. She transports people to medical appointments, visits the sick and shut-ins and calls on people who are living alone. Her volunteer activities include: The Surgical Family Pavilion at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, The Good Shepherd Ministries Soup Kitchen, Clerk of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church and Conference Chair for the North Carolina Hospital Volunteers.

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