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Mark Glenn, '72

Mark Glenn, '72

Mark Glenn ’72 is the first Latin American Studies major to graduate from GVSU, and he is proof that one decision in life can change your entire path.

Aside from trying out for the golf team in ’68, Glenn wasn’t involved much in student life activities. He was highly occupied with school and work while attending Grand Valley. But once the opportunity arose to study abroad, he took advantage of it. He received a $500 scholarship to spend a semester studying in Merida, Mexico with eight other Grand Valley students and knew studying abroad was something he wanted to do.

He received another scholarship to study abroad his senior year in Bogota, Columbia.

“My first day in Spanish class in Bogota the teacher, Clemencia, walked in and I immediately flipped head over heels,” Glenn said.

Clemencia and Mark dated started dating and were married in the spring of 1973.

After graduation and his wedding, Glenn began selling men’s clothing at Neiman Marcus, where he later became the credit manager. He was eventually persuaded to make a move to Reno, Nevada to work for his uncle in commercial real estate. He worked for him until 1992 and then shortly after opened his own real estate brokerage company. Today, Glenn continues running his brokerage company. His primary role is to assist clients in buying and selling their commercial properties. His twenty eight years of experience includes working with such companies as Amazon.com, Caterpillar and Sherwin Williams.

Glenn believes if it weren’t for Grand Valley, he would not have been presented with his many diverse life experiences.

“I was exposed to outstanding professors who opened my eyes to the world. Most importantly, I was provided with the opportunity to do some incredible traveling where I learned and experienced things I never had before.”

Glenn said he gets great satisfaction from his professional works, but he is also drawn to continue his non-profit projects in Reno, including Junior Achievement, Northern Nevada Literacy Council – which, is involved in the education of GED students - as well as students who want to learn English. He also works with an organization called ESL In Home, a program based in Carson City that matches tutors one on one with students who want to learn English. He wishes to continue work with his brokerage company for a few more years, then hopefully end up somewhere in the non-profit world. In his spare time Glenn and his wife, Clemencia, enjoy hiking. They also enjoy taking numerous trips to Guatemala and Costa Rica to assist in the construction of homes and churches. The Glenns reside in Reno, Nevada.

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