Alba Ranch LLC

Melisa Morrison '96, Owner

A visit to Alba Ranch is like stepping into another world! The Lavender Fields have become an amazing transformation from woods to artfully designed terraces that are beautiful to walk through and pick some of the many different varieties of lavender and herbs that are planted here.

The Stone Circle and many different resting spots offer a peaceful respite from daily stresses. Relax and Smell the Lavender. Forest Walks on the various trails and Botanical Walking Events in the Gardens are scheduled through out the season encouraging repeat visits. Back to Nature is a prescription for Wellness.

Sound Healing Events with handpan or crystal bowls add to the quiet ambiance and healing energy that is at Alba Ranch.

Oil and Hydrosol Distillation on site with classes scheduled during harvest times. Lavender products are available in the online shop or on site during a visit.

The Fiber Studio holds many wonderful selections for the spinner/weaver that want to create their own work of art. There are scarves, shawls, and handspun yarn that has been designed with comfort and serviceability in mind.

Alba Ranch...where Handmade Treasures and Artful Healing Intertwine.

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5310 S. 60th Ave
New Era, Michigan 49446

Alumni Discounts
Use code GVSU10 for 10% off a scheduled event at Alba Ranch. Events include Botanical Walks, Forest Meditation, Crystal Singing Bowl Events, Sound Healing, Escape to the Lavender Gardens, Lavender Wand Weaving, Distillation Classes, Fiber Art Classes, and Herb Infusion Oil Classes.

Shop the online store year round or the Farm Stand in season.

Alba Ranch...where Handmade Treasures and Artful Healing Intertwine.
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