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Alicia Garcia '04, Vice President

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The Society Circus players are an improv comedy troupe from Miami, Fl. Every single show is an experience that has never been seen before and will never be seen again, with each piece inspired by audience suggestions. We are family friendly and suitable for audiences from 5 to 105.

We are also available to bring our improv talents to your corporate, private, or online events. We can provide workshops for kids, teens or adults to teach skills such as leadership, teamwork, and public speaking. We also provide entertainment for your personal or private events. Christmas Parties, business events, student life entertainment and more.

If Life's a Circus, we're the Clowns!

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Miami, Florida 33135

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Use code GOLAKERS for 15% off a ticket to a live, SCP-produced show or $50 off a private booking. South Florida or online bookings only.
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