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Thank you for your interest in offering a discount to Grand Valley State University alumni!

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The list of current benefits is located on the Alumni Benefits page. Discounts offered by alumni owned businesses are also listed on the Alumni Owned Business directory.

Alumni can receive the discount by showing their alumni benefit card during an in-person transaction or by using a code you've provided during an online or phone transaction. Benefit cards are issued to alumni at their request and are only valid if the name of the graduate and their graduation year is shown on the back of the card. A copy of the benefit card is pictured below for your reference.

Discount offers are open-ended and have no set expiration dates. If you wish to change or end your discount, please email [email protected] or call (616) 331-3590. We will continue to advertise your discount until you inform us that you no longer wish to offer it.

All submissions are reviewed, edited, and published online at the discretion of the Grand Valley State University Alumni Association. You will receive an email once your submission is approved or declined.

By submitting an Alumni Benefit, I acknowledge that:

  • My company/organization desires to participate in the Grand Valley State University Alumni Discount Program and is agreeing to offer this discount as described above to all eligible, as described above, Grand Valley State University alumni.
  • There is no cost to my organization for its decision to participate and that Grand Valley State University will advertise or promote this and all other benefits as they see fit.
  • The inclusion of this benefit or service done strictly as a service to GVSU alumni and does not, under any circumstance, represent an endorsement by the university.
  • If my company/organization's discount becomes invalid for any reason, I agree to notify Grand Valley State University Alumni Relations.

If you have questions about alumni benefits or this form, please contact [email protected] or call (616) 331-3590.

Alumni Benefits Card

GVSU Alumni Benefits Card

Page last modified July 22, 2020