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Accountants are trusted business advisors, and an accounting education can lead to a highly respected and rewarding career. Accountants routinely earn incomes that are in the top 5% of the communities in which they live. If you elect to major in accounting, you can prepare yourself for a variety of accounting careers, and you may choose to fulfill the educational requirements for taking the Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) and/or Certified Management Accountant (C.M.A.) examination. Accounting also provides an excellent undergraduate background for a degree in law.

Accounting Major (BBA) Requirements

In addition to the BBA CORE requirements, as an Accounting major, you must complete an additional 19 credit hours, as follows:

  • ACC 240 Financial Accounting Applications
  • ACC 310 Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACC 311 Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACC 321 Cost Accounting
  • ACC 340 Accounting Systems

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You must take one of the following two courses:

  • ACC 317 Federal Income Tax Theory and Practice-Individual
  • ACC 318 Federal Income Tax-Corporations, Partnerships, and Fiduciaries.

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And one of the following two courses:

  • ACC 413 Internal Auditing
  • ACC 414 Auditing Theory and Practice

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  • When you enter the accounting program at Seidman, we assume you have a basic knowledge of spreadsheets before you enroll in upper-division accounting courses.
  • In order to graduate in accounting, you must achieve a 2.5 minimum GPA for upper-division accounting courses.
    • If your GPA for upper-division accounting courses falls below 2.5 (after you've completed nine hours) you will not be permitted to take additional upper-division accounting courses. However, you may repeat upper-division accounting courses for which you received a low grade. Only upper-division accounting courses in which you have earned a "C-" or better may be used to satisfy requirements for an accounting degree. You must also meet other requirements of the undergraduate business program.

If you want an academic background in financial accounting which fulfills the C.P.A. accounting program requirements, we encourage you to meet with an accounting faculty member for guidance.

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If you want an academic background in management accounting which fulfills the C.M.A. accounting program requirements, we also encourage you to take ACC 310, 311, 321, 340, 413 and FIN 322, 422.

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Specific requirements for the CPA-certification can be obtained by visiting the Michigan State Board of Accountancy Web site. Specific requirements for the CMA certificate can be obtained by visiting the Institute of Management Accountants' Web site.

You are encouraged to expand your horizons through participating in accounting internships and studying abroad. We recommend study at Kingston University in England, where you will take ACC 330 International Accounting.

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