What's Changing with Absence (Time Off & Leaves)?

Current State

Salaried staff who receive the vacation benefit track their vacation time quarterly, while hourly staff enter their vacation each pay period. Leaves of absence are requested by calling Human Resources to get forms via email.

Future State

Staff vacation time will be requested and approved in Workday each pay period. A leave of absence may be requested directly in Workday.

Who is Impacted?

  • Salaried staff who have vacation banks 
  • Faculty/staff who need to request a leave of absence 
  • Managers 
  • Timekeepers 


  • Requests for time off and leaves will be easily accessible in the same location in Workday 

Potential Challenges

  • Salaried staff are used to submitting vacation time quarterly. Learning to request vacation time as the need arises will be a new concept. 

Other Important Information



  • Courtney Johnson, Benefits and FMLA/LOA Coordinator 

Page last modified June 19, 2023