Absence (Time Off & Leaves of Absence)

Absence is an important component of a worker’s experience.  Workday Absence ​management provides a comprehensive view into a worker’s use of various absence ​plans, from vacation and sick-day to defined leaves of absence.​

Workers will submit absence requests via an intuitive calendar and follow a defined and efficient path for approval. Workers and managers can easily view absence balances and the request history through self-service.  The worker’s balance is automatically calculated and shared with payroll. ​

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Time Calendar Versus Absence Calendar

In Workday, there is a Time Calendar and an Absence Calendar.  The Time Calendar is where you can enter hours worked and the Absence Calendar is where you can enter time for hours not worked. Sometimes they are connected – for example, you can see approved time off on the Time Calendar. ​

Absence Calendar

The Absence Calendar is where you can enter days off and see your time off balances. You can see the time already requested off on the calendar.  You can also see if your request has been approved or not.  If it had not yet been approved, it will show in gray. If the time has been approved, it will show with a green checkmark. Workday validates the information you enter and will show an error or an alert if something is potentially wrong. ​


Managers always have a clear view of their team’s absence, history, upcoming leaves, and balances. Automatic reminders ensure requests are always addressed on time. As a manager/timekeeper, there will be times when you need to enter time for a worker. For example, if they're working offsite or ill and can’t enter their own time. Workday makes it easy for managers to enter time for their direct reports, correct time entries if needed and enter missed time clock entries. ​


Workers can easily view balances and upcoming time and submit time-off requests.  They can also view their teammates’ time off on a shared calendar. All entries are viewable in real-time. The time tasks you will perform will depend on your particular position at GVSU.

Leaves of Absence

Long-term leaves are classified as Leaves of Absence in Workday and the employee’s status in Workday profile will indicate “On Leave”. These leaves can include family leave, medical leave, FMLA, active military leave and unpaid personal leave.

Page last modified December 12, 2023