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Ongoing Assessment

Assessment is an ongoing process. This page describes the assessment timeline expectations for academic and co-curricular units at GVSU.

  • Annually: Units post regular (at least annual) updates on their assessment activities. 
  • Two-year cycle: UAC reviews the academic and co-curricular program assessments on a two-year rotation.
  • Six-year cycle: All units engage in self-study following the university-wide strategic planning cycle.

See below for additional details, including a video describing how the current process differs from past practices at GVSU.

2017-18 Transition to GVAssess

Units should also be aware of additional expectations for the 2017-18 transition to GVAssess. 

View Details

Annual assessment updates

  • Student outcomes assessment: Units normally focus on assessing a small number of student outcomes for each program in a given year. As assessment data are collected and analyzed, units add reporting for the corresponding measures in GVAssess. Data reporting can be added at any time, but all units are asked to update their assessment results in GVAssess at least annually.
  • Strategic plan updates: Strategic plan updates are due by Feb. 1 every year. This is accomplished by adding data reporting for all active strategic plan objectives.

The video presentation contains additional details about ongoing assessment activities as GVSU.

Video of New Process

Video: Current and former assessment expectations
by Chris Plouff, Office of the Provost

Two-year UAC review

UAC reviews the assessment activities in GVAssess and GVPlan according to the quarterly review cycle (webpage | pdf). This process ensures UAC reviews and provides feedback on all units' assessment activities at least once every two years.

Prepare for UAC review:

  • Units will receive automatic notifications for upcoming reviews at 4 months and 2 months ahead of the due date.
  • Prior to the review deadline, units should ensure that:
    • The assessment plan is up-to-date in GVAssess, and data reporting has been entered for outcomes assessed in last two years.
    • The strategic plan has been updated by Feb. 1 for the previous calendar year, including updated objective reporting for every objective that is currently active. 
  • Offline versions of the UAC review rubrics may be useful as units refine their assessment activities. 
    • UAC reviewer rubric for GVAssess assessment reviews (Word | PDF)
    • UAC reviewer rubric for GVPlan strategic plan reviews (Word | PDF)

Quarterly Review Cycle

Quarterly review cycle chart

Six-year self-study

Expectation: There will be an annual update of progress on Strategic Plan objectives in GVPlan, and a simplified cumulative self-study report is due every 5-6 years (per posted schedule) using the reflective questions in GVPlan.

See the "How-To" Report Progress Made on Objectives within Strategic Plan for instructions

Additional Expectations

Assessment Plan Guidelines are available on a separate page.