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Exam Prep Tips

exam preparation strategies

Need to prepare for an exam? Check out our list of Exam Prep Tips to help you prepare!

One great tip is to schedule a tutoring appointment and have your tutor quiz you before your exam! Tutoring appointments can be made through Navigate or by calling the Tutoring and Reading Center at 616-331-3451.

Winter '24 1-page Semester Calendar

Winter '24 1-page Semester Calendar

See your whole semester at a glance with our 1=page semester calendar! Add major due dates, travel plans, and anything else you like to make sure you build in enough time to complete assignments or study for exams. 

We have two versions to choose from: Sunday start and Monday start to the week. 

Click the links above for a downloadable PDF for digital planning or stop by The Tutoring and Reading Center in Henry Hall 112 for a paper copy. 

Goal Setting - Know where you're going!

goal setting worksheet

Did you know that just writing your goals down increases your chances of success by 42%?!?

Use this worksheet to help you set goals, break them down into action steps, and brainstorm what resources or support you'll need to achieve them. 

Digital Planner Stickers

Icons and Checklists

Due this week Checklist

Click on the links below to download each digital sticker.

Add these to your digital planner or notes for a little GVSU flair! 

Study Strategy Stickers

Study Power Hour Clock

Click the links below to download digital versions of our study strategy stickers.

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