Become a Tutor!

Why Become a Tutor?

Being a tutor has a lot of benefits, but here are just a few! 

  • You will be a better student
    • Tutoring helps you solidify content knowledge
    • It helps you develop strong learning habits
  • Improves communication skills
  • You get to meet new people on campus!
  • Helping people is rewarding
  • We work around your schedule
    • You can update your availability every semester!
  • It looks great on your resume
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Tutor Eligibility

To be hired as a tutor, you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at GVSU
  • Have received a B+ or higher in the course(s) that you wish to tutor 
  • Complete tutor application
  • Receive positive faculty recommendation(s). 
  • Commit to tutoring a minimum of 5 hours per week 
  • Be available to tutor for at least 2 semesters
  • Be able to attend required tutor training
CSC now hiring for Winter 2024!

The Chemistry Success Center is hiring tutors, with preference given to candidates who have completed CHM 115, 116, and at least one 200-level chemistry course.

You can apply for the CSC using the application linked below. 

TRC now hiring for Winter 24!

The Tutoring and Reading Center is hiring for the following courses and subjects for Winter 2024. 

  • BIO 120
  • BMS 202 & 208
  • MTH 108, 109, 110
  • STA 215 & 216
  • ACC 212/213
  • ECO 210/211
  • FIN 320
  • GER (should have proficiency at 202 level or higher)
  • SPA (should have proficiency at 202 level or higher)
  • PSY
  • PLS
  • PHY


Interested in becoming an SLA or PASS facilitator? Check out the requirements on the SLA/PASS facilitator requirements and FAQ page.

Did you Know?

You can use the tutor application linked below to apply for positions in the following locations and programs: 

Tutoring and Reading Center

Chemistry Success Center

Math Tutoring Center

Statistics Tutoring Center

Seidman Tutoring Lab (Pew Campus)

SLA/PASS Program

Have Questions?

Click the image to read our Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a tutor.

If you still have questions, email us at [email protected].

Page last modified November 30, 2023