Meet Our Facilitators!

SLA/PASS Facilitators

BIO 120: Madeline S


My major is Allied Health Sciences with an emphasis on Pre-Physical Therapy.

A fun fact about me is I own a Toyota Celica, which stopped being produced in 2006.

Favorite thing about GVSU is The Therapy Dogs visiting the library before exam week.

BMS 208: Kaylyn A


Major: Biomedical Sciences

Fun fact: I love something fun to drink in class, so I’m almost always sipping on something! 

Fave thing about GV: I love the variety of classes available to students. It really allows you to learn about anything you want. 

CHM 109: Patrick M


Major: Chemistry Education

Fun Fact: I love to run

Favorite Thing: I love the beautiful campus and atmosphere

CHM 115: Karianne R


Major: Integrated Science and Secondary Education

Fun fact: I love puzzles

My favorite thing about GVSU is the friends I’ve made in classes here

CHM 230: Katie C


Major: Biomedical Science and Biochemistry

A fun fact about me is I love road trips and have been to almost all 50 US states! 

Favorite thing about GVSU:  The campus, especially during the fall semester. 

CHM 231: Savannah D


Major: Biomedical Sciences

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with plants and everything green

Favorite thing about GVSU: I love how personal the classes can be and that I can make connections with not only students but the faculty.

CHM 232: Megan G


Major: Biomedical Science

Fun Fact:  I love to ride horses and I'm on GVSU's equestrian team!

Favorite thing about GVSU:  I love the welcoming environment and how beautiful the campus is.

EGR 113: John E


Major: Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Fun Fact: I like exploring new places and foods

Favorite thing about GVSU: I like the access we have to the Laker Line and the overall community of GV students and staff.

EGR 185: John B


Major: Electrical Engineering 

Fun Fact: I love to cook and bake 

My favorite thing about GVSU is the helpful and caring faculty and the laker line.

MTH 109: Hunter B


Major: Spanish Education

Fun fact: I play disc golf tournaments. 

Favorite thing about GVSU: The study abroad programs.

MTH 109: Jarrett G


Major: Theoretical Mathematics

Fun fact: I enjoy cycling and gaming in my free time. 

Favorite thing about GVSU: Grand Valley has very knowledgeable and friendly professors. 

MTH 110: Kayla H


Major: Mathematics Education 

Fun Fact: I read a ton of books, mainly romance. 

Favorite thing about GVSU: The beauty of the campus no matter the season.

PSY 101: Arnica S


Major: Psychology 

Fun fact: I have a dog named Alder who gives fist bumps.  

Favorite thing about GVSU:  The amount of opportunities we have to get involved and abundant resources, as well as the small class sizes and staff. 

STA 215: Jayna C


Major: Statistics 

Fun fact: I love crafts (especially crochet)! 

Favorite thing about GVSU:  how close it is to Lake Michigan. I also love the beautiful parks around the area. 

STA 215: Audrey B


Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: I really only like Hawaiian pizza. Love me some pineapple

Favorite Thing about GVSU: All the people here 

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