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Physics Help Corner: Henry Hall (HRY) 112

About the Physics Help Corner

The Physics Help Corner is staffed by students and faculty members and is now located in the Tutoring and Reading Center in Henry Hall.  Drop in when the corner is open to review with a tutor or faculty member or work on your homework independently or in a group!

We can help with PHY 200, PHY 220-221, PHY 230-231/234, PHY 216, SCI 225-226, PHY 280, and PHY 105. For the most tailored advice and assistance, be sure to visit your current professor's office hours. 

For questions, please email Ben Holder ([email protected]), Coordinator of the Physics Help Corner. 

Meet our Team!

Visit the Meet the Tutors page and Meet the Admins page to learn more about our tutors and administrative team! 

Winter 2024 Announcements

  • Tutoring for the winter semester begins on Tuesday, January 16, 2014.
  • We are now located in the Tutoring and Reading Center (HH 112).
  • Note that there are a few downtown hours in EC 608 (see schedule).

Additional Resources for Physics Courses

Click below for additional resources in a Google Drive for Physics students, including lecture videos and lecture notes for PHY220, 221, 230, and 231.

Physics Student Resources

PHY220 Lecture Videos

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