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Content Tutoring: Henry Hall (HRY) 112

Content Tutoring in the Tutoring and Reading Center

Current GVSU students can schedule a 50-minute appointment with one of our peer tutors for a variety of 100, 200, and select 300-level courses! You can schedule ahead, or drop by for a Just in Time Appointment when available.

Work with one of our peer tutors for an in-depth review of course materials, a study session, a small group content review, or practice; you set the agenda for the session. Schedule once, as needed, or on a recurring weekly basis - whatever works best for you! 

If you need help, email us at [email protected]. We are happy to help you make appointments. 

2023-24 Hours

Sunday: 4 pm-8 pm

Monday: 9 am-8 pm

Tuesday: 9 am-8 pm

Wednesday: 9 am-8 pm

Thursday: 9 am-8 pm

Friday: 9 am-4 pm

Schedule an Appointment in Navigate

  1. Click on “Schedule an Appointment” on the Navigate homepage.
  2. Office: select “Tutoring”
  3. Service: select “Appointment Tutoring”
  4. Click on “Find Available Time”
  5. Select course under Virtual or In-person Location
  6. Select the desired date and time.
  7.  Select the “Schedule” button to confirm your appointment.

Click here to watch a video with complete instructions!

Need Help?

Click here to request tutoring for a class or an alternate appointment time.

Meet our Team!

Visit the Meet the Tutors page and Meet the Admins page to learn more about our tutors and administrative team! 

Fall 2023 Announcements

Tutoring for the fall semester begins on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

Can't find your class? You can request tutoring by emailing [email protected]!

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