Internship Resources

Grand Valley students are doing amazing things through professional experiences outside the classroom. There is a site that gives viewers an inside look at these amazing opportunities and you too, could be featured by submitting your very own internship experience. Check out Experience Matters or search by major.


Are you thinking of completing your Internship in a medical facility or working directly with patients?  Please be sure to check out GVSU's Health Compliance, this is to ensure the safety of you, and the patients you will be having contact with.  If you have questions, please contact Shannon Owen at 231.995.1785


Integrative Studies Internship Information

AHS Internship Process

AHS Internship Portfolio


Looking for an Internship?  Check out GVSU's Handshake program.  To learn how to search for internships/jobs in your region, take a moment to explore our training video.




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