Transfer to GVSU

Turn your Great Start into a Grand Finish

You made a good decision in choosing a community college as the place to start your higher education. Now it is time to make another good decision by choosing Grand Valley State University as the school at which to complete your bachelor's degree.

There's a reason so many transfer students finish their college careers at Grand Valley. Grand Valley has the programs, the people, and the resources you need to make your transition smooth and easy.

Ready to transfer before you finish your associate's degree? Our Reverse Transfer program can help you get all the credentials you'll need to increase your opportunities in the workforce by simultaneously earning your associate's degree while pursuing a bachelor’s degree at GVSU.

We'll even give you a $500 Grand Finish Grant for staying on track for graduation. And we have a host of scholarships available to transfer students too!


Here's more of what you'll get when you make your Grand transfer:

Getting started on your grand transfer is easy. Go to online to schedule an appointment at or contact your local advisor at the Traverse City Regional Center to help you get started. Either way, our admissions experts will work with you to answer your questions, get you started,  and make sure your transfer is as smooth as possible.

Does it pay to continue on for a bachelor's degree?

Annual compensation for associate's vs. bachelor's degree holders, 2014 Source: PayScale
Early career pay (0-5 years experience) vs. Mid-career pay (10+ years experience)

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