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List of Instructional Activities

Here are some examples of activities that faculty sometimes do during SWS classes.

Teaching the writing process: 

  • I modeled some aspects of the writing process. 
  • I taught students how to create a rough draft, outline, or visual representation of their ideas. 
  • I taught students a method of note-taking during the research process.
  • I taught students how to holistically revise rough drafts to improve logic and clarity. 
  • I taught students some time management strategies for getting to the writing. 
  • We discussed the stress associated with the writing process. 

Teaching an understanding of genre: 

  • We critically analyzed the typical genres (forms and types of texts) that professionals compose in this field. 
  • I explained how I define an “A” paper. 
  • We studied well-written sentences and/or paragraphs. 
  • We analyzed an example of the kind of text that students were assigned to write.
  • We discussed the writing style and structure of assigned readings. 
  • I taught students how to locate and use reliable sources of information. 

Teaching an awareness of audience: 

  • We read and responded to a student’s draft as a whole class. 
  • I taught students how to respond in helpful ways to classmates’ drafts. 
  • Students responded to each other’s drafts.  
  • We discussed the needs and expectations of readers. 
  • I explained the purpose(s) of the writing assignments. 

Teaching the conventions of revised written English:

  • I taught some of the conventions of revised written English. 
  • I addressed the linguistic equality and power of different dialects of English.
  • I taught students how to edit surface level mistakes. 
  • I shared my understanding of the mistakes students commonly make when writing.

Video tutorials for SWS instructors

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