Program Goals

The SWS Committee welcomes comments on the following goals for the SWS Program:

General Goals

  • To encourage critical thinking, exploration of values, and self-discovery in courses across the curriculum.
  • To emphasize the importance of "writing as process" and "writing to learn."

Student Focus

  • To ensure students encounter instruction in writing beyond the first year writing class.
  • To ensure students practice writing at all levels of the curriculum.
  • To demonstrate to students the ways in which writing is integral to all disciplines, essential to the learning and conveying of knowledge in all fields.

Faculty Focus

  • To support faculty in their efforts to develop writing assignments and instructional practices consistent with what we know about the writing process.
  • To help faculty develop writing-intensive courses by reviewing course goals and syllabi.
  • To provide faculty with models of proven and effective writing theory and pedagogy.
  • To encourage faculty to incorporate revision as an essential part of writing assignments and instruction.

Institutional Focus

  • To help faculty and administrators develop and assess curricula that support disciplinary writing.

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