How to Construct an SWS Course Syllabus

SWS Requirements

Before creating an SWS course syllabus, please review the SWS Course Requirements.

Each SWS course syllabus should:

  1. Include an objective related to writing skills in the course’s student learning objectives.
  2. Include the SWS paragraph.
  3. Include the Writing Center paragraph.
  4. Include a paragraph (or two) that describes:
    • how writing instruction will be taught during at least 4 class hours,
    • which types of texts will be taught in the course (e.g., lab report, literary analysis, literature review, case study),
    • what opportunities will be provided for revision, and
    • what type and frequency of feedback students will receive from the instructor and in peer review workshops.
  5. List and describe each of the major writing assignments.
  6. Provide the word count for each of the major writing assignments.
  7. Provide the course grade percentages for each of the major writing assignments.

Teaching How to Write

As you prepare your syllabus and curricular plans, ensure that your syllabus meets the program criteria and that you plan for 4 hours of direct instruction in how to write in your field. Remember, communicating effectively in writing is an important 21st-century skill, and every field has its unique purposes, forms, and styles. Please teach your students what you have learned about writing. You know enough to have gotten this far, and students won’t know what we don’t teach them and encourage them to practice.

SWS Syllabi Examples


Page last modified April 20, 2021