Transferring Credit to GVSU

In order to transfer your credits from your study abroad program back to GVSU, the following steps must be completed:

  • PIC must have the official transcript from host institution and course approvals for all courses taken abroad
  • Classes come back as Credit/No Credit
  • Credit (CR) will be granted for those courses in which the student earns the equivalent of a C or better. 
  • You must take ALL courses for a grade
  • You will not receive credit at GVSU for any course you audit through your study abroad program


Transfer of Credit Delays

It will take several weeks to several months for PIC to receive an official transcript after you have completed your study abroad program. The placeholder course, IS 380, will stay in MyBanner as a deferred grade of (X) until we have your official transcript and ALL course approvals. The deferred grade (X) on the GVSU system can affect students in many ways.

  • This may impact your class standing, which may impact the timing of when you can register for upcoming semesters. If you are concerned about not getting into a GVSU course for a future semester, contact the relevant academic department to ask if there is a process for requesting a closed class permit or if there are any contingencies in place for students who are abroad who have not yet transferred credits back to GVSU.
  • Graduating seniors will not earn their degree until the study abroad credits are transferred back to GVSU and the deferred grade is removed from the system. GVSU has a grace period of several weeks after the conclusion of the GVSU semester for the institution to finalize study abroad transfer credits. If we are unable to finalize the transfer of credit within the grace period, your graduation date will reflect the following semester.
  • Graduating seniors can walk in the commencement ceremony as long as they applied for graduation one semester prior. Students can email the Dean of Students Office to secure permission to walk in the commencement ceremonies even though the study abroad credit transfer may still be pending.  
  • In a few cases, students have had complications with financial aid for not showing academic progress for the semester they were abroad. These issues are usually resolved once the transfer of credit takes place, however, the transfer of credit process can take several months after you return. If you experience difficulties because of the (X) grade for IS 380, please contact the Padnos International Center.
  • If you do not receive a grade of “C” or better in your course and receive (NC) for that course, you are allowed to re-take the course back at GVSU. The (NC) can be replaced by the course you complete on-campus. Contact the Director of Study Abroad if you would like to make this request.



It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the host university transcript is sent to the Padnos International Center. If a transcript is not received, the incomplete grade will automatically be changed to a (NC) after 180 days.

Upon completion of your program, Official Transcripts from the host university should be sent to:


Jamie Pleyte

Padnos International Center

130 LOH, 1 Campus Drive

Grand Valley State University

Allendale, MI 49401 USA



Page last modified February 7, 2024