Student Ambassadors

Congratulations on becoming a student ambassador!

Student Advising

Contact Person at PIC

Alissa Lane

Outreach Coordinator

(616) 331-3898

[email protected]




The following are some guidelines for promoting programs on campus...



  • Make it visually clear that you are representing a study abroad provider by name

  • Mention to students that they must complete a PIC online application (called OASIS) even when participating in a External program

  • Display flyers/material provided by PIC


  • Ask faculty for permission to do a class presentation

  • Imply that you are representing the PIC

  • Display the GVSU logo

  • Depend on the PIC for...

    • student data

    • publicity help

GVSU 2013

How to Schedule an Information Table

You can reserve tables on the Allendale campus inside the Kirkhof Center, outside under the clock tower, or under the Translink Statue outside of AuSable Hall.

To reserve a table, contact Vicki Wenger at [email protected] or (616) 331-3898. 

You can also reserve spaces on the Pew Campus by contacting DeVos Events at (616) 331-5980. 

Note: please check in the PIC for materials to display on your table. Contact Alissa Lane (above).

Other Information

External Programs

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