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The Universidad de las Americas (UDLAP) in Puebla with more than 65 years of tradition, offers academic programs that answer the present and future needs of today’s world. It is considered one of the top private universities in Mexico. The University has excellent library facilities, and the latest technology in order to enhance teaching and research. UDLAP students enjoy a lively campus environment offering numerous student activities. While UDLAP does offer a variety of courses in English, this program is ideal for students with a high proficiency in Spanish, or for those interested in improving their Spanish proficiency. Students can either take classes with local students through regular university classes, or take Spanish language and culture courses with other international students from around the world. Students are also welcome to combine Spanish language courses with courses offered in English. While some of the guides for international students are available in English, there will be some documents provided to students only in Spanish such as the acceptance letter, and academic calendar.

UDLAP offers exchange students opportunities for internships or community service throughout the semester. UDLAP does not award credit for the service-learning or internship options. Students interested in earning credit will need to arrange credit through GVSU and pay GVSU tuition for those courses. Additional information can be found at:

Host University Homepage

UDLAP International Website

UDLAP Info Packet

Check out past participant reviews.

The information on this site focuses primarily on the semester exchange which may be different from UDLAP's summer programs. We do offer information about SUMMER OPTIONS at the bottom of this page.

Mexico is currently listed on the U.S. Travel Warning List. Please refer to our travel warning policy when considering studying abroad in a country on the U.S. Travel Warning List.



UDLAP is located in the municipality of San Andres Cholula, only fifteen minutes from the city of Puebla and 90 miles from Mexico City. Founded in 1531, this geographic region brings together the influences of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern Mexico and is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural treasure of the world. The area is an important industrial, commercial, and agricultural center. On a clear day one can see the Malinche Mountain and three of Mexico’s tallest volcanoes from campus.

Cultural Information


2017-2018 Estimated Semester Budget

2017 Estimated Summer Budget

How will I pay for this?

Financial Aid FAQ's

A PIC Partnership Grant is available ($500 each) 2 available per year for this program.

Any student studying abroad for a semester is automatically considered for the Study Abroad Semester Grant, click here for the grant guidelines. 

The cost of any study abroad program depends to a large extent on the participant's personal spending habits and lifestyle.


Visa Information

US citizens are required to apply for a student visa for stays longer than 180 days. Students studying at UDLAP for one semester, (less than 180 days) can apply for a residence permit once they arrive to UDLAP. The student visa guide provides additional information regarding the application for a student visa. Please note that students must check with the appropriate embassy or consulate for the most up-to-date visa information.

Housing and Meals

Students will live in residence halls with a shared kitchenette, bathroom and washer/dryer. The residence hall units are suite style: two persons to a bedroom with four bedrooms sharing a common area. On-campus housing is only available for students under the age of 25. Students who are over the age of 25 will be provided with alternative housing options.

Meals are not included with the on-campus housing. There is a student canteen (cafeteria) very close to the location of the residence halls. Students will be living primarily with Mexican roommates.

In the past, homestays have been an option for students at an additional cost. Homestays are limited and are not guaranteed.

UDLAP will provide students with specific move-in and move-out dates. Students wishing to arrive early or extend will be responsible for securing their own housing during the times not covered by the UDLAP housing dates.


Program Dates

Program Options:

Fall: Early August to mid-December (18 weeks, including orientation days)

Winter: Early January to mid-May (20 weeks, including orientation days)

Academic Year: Early August to mid-May

Summer: Please see below for summer options


Courses available to GVSU exchange students at UDLAP

All UDLAP undergraduate courses are available to exchange students except Medicine and Culinary Arts. Here is the UDLAP Course List  listing available courses and course descriptions. Students are required to take a minimum of 4 courses and a maximum of 5 courses.

Internships are available to exchange students. Students will register at UDLAP for a 30 credits per semester. 1/2 UDLAP credit is equal to 1 US credit. Additional information can be found on the UDLAP website for exchange students:

How will the courses I take at UDLAP will transfer back to my GVSU Transcript?

If the course you wish to take at UDLAP appears on the "Existing Course Equivalencies" list, you do not need to secure course approval for that course. The courses on this list have already been approved by the academic department.

Existing Course Equivalencies

Note: This is not a full list of courses offer at this partner Institution.

Internship Option: Students participating in the exchange can add an internship as one course for the semester at no additional cost. 


UDLAP Application Process

Step 1 - Students must apply and be accepted into the GVSU OASIS application system.

Step 2 - The Padnos International Center will provide all applicants with application instructions after the OASIS priority deadline.

Step 3 - Students must complete all required application materials for University of Brighton.

Step 4 - Students receive admission into the program and are provided with additional pre-arrival instructions.


UDLAP Forms: (For semester exchange students only)

UDLAP Application

Health Form

Note - applications should not be sent directly to UDLAP. Students turn completed applications into the Padnos International Center.

Health Insurance Requirement:

The international students at UDLAP must have an international health insurance that will cover the following:

  • Name, date of birth, period of coverage and important additional information.
  • Repatriation of  body in case of death
  • Sanitary Evacuation
  • Emergency evacuation
  • At least one hospital in the city of Puebla or Cholula. (please this information is very important)
  • During orientation week the students will must fill in a form with confirmation of this information.

Students should request a letter from their insurance provider verifying coverage of all of the above. If the student do not have an international health insurance with this information a letter of acceptance will not be issued.



Campus Information

UDLAP offers an orientation week for all new international students. Students who are interested in traveling can take advantage of weekend trips. Information can be found at:






Travel Information

Students will fly into either Mexico City or Puebla. Most students will fly into Mexico City's Benito Juarez International Airport on the date provided by UDLA. A group of volunteer UDLAP students will be at the airport to greet international students and help them make their way to Puebla.





Summer Options

Summer program options are very different from the semester exchange. The vast majority of the content on this site is relevant to students who are participating in the semester exchange. This section provides the relevant information for the summer options. Students who have additional questions about the summer program should contact Becca Morrissey at: [email protected] for more information.

Link to the UDLA Summer Program Information

Summer Program Options Include:

Spanish Immersion - 2 sessions offered (4-8 weeks) May - June  (4 weeks) and/or, June - July (4 weeks). 

Business Internship - Students can apply for an internship for 4-8 weeks, or attend 2 business classes from May-June, then pursue an internship June - July. UDLAP does not award credit for the internship. Students can arrange credit through GVSU. Contact Becca Morrissey at: [email protected] for details.

Housing will be either on-campus residence halls, or a homestay. Since these programs run during UDLAP's summer, there may be fewer Mexican students living in the on-campus residence halls compared to the academic year programs.

Summer Program Video

UDLAP Summer Application

UDLAP Summer Program Fees (2017)

Note - applications should not be sent directly to UDLAP. Students turn completed applications into the Padnos International Center.


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