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Middle East Technical University (METU), located near the Turkish capital of Ankara, is one of Turkey’s premier state-financed institutions of higher education. METU has a very strong emphasis in research and education in engineering and the natural sciences. While a wide range of subjects are offered at this prestigious University, it is best know for its excellence in science education. It is considered one of the very best Universities in Turkey and in Europe. Founded in 1956, METU has grown to serve a student population of more than 24,000. It adopted English as its language of instruction, so the vast majority of courses are taught in English. In Turkish, METU is Orta Dou Teknik Üniversitesi ODTÜ.

This program is ideal for more independent students and for students who are interested in Middle East Studies. Students will be expected to function quite independently during their time at METU.

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International Cooperation Office

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Turkey is currently listed on the U.S. Travel Warning List. Please refer to our travel warning policy when considering studying abroad in a country on the U.S. Travel Warning List.



Turkey has a unique and strategic position at the crossroads of East and West, which endows this country with a long history. Turkey is surrounded by seas on three sides and has always been the center of great trade, silk, and spice routes. Because of its proximity to both Europe and the Middle East, Turkey enjoys a very vibrant and diverse culture.

METU is located about 20 km from central Ankara. Students can have easy access to the city center through buses and/or taxis.



Cultural Information

When studying abroad, it is important to learn about the culture of your host country.

For information on music, food, language, news & more, view Cultural Information




2017-2018 Estimated Budget

How will I pay for this?

Financial Aid FAQ's

ERASMUS+ SCHOLARSHIP is a program funded by the European Commission. The number of scholarships available each year may vary. Awardees will receive an airfare stipend of up to 1100 Euro and a monthly stipend of 800 Euro per month.

GVSU is a Mevlana partner with METU. Students who do not receive the Erasmus+ scholarship, may qualify for the Mevlana Scholarship. The Turkish Government supports 1 scholarship per year for a GVSU student. This scholarship is estimated to be around $200 US per month for the duration of your semester, approximately 4 months. This scholarship is subject to approval by METU.

A PIC Partnership Grant  available for this program.

Any student studying abroad for a semester is automatically considered for the Study Abroad Semester Grand, click here for the grant guidelines.

The cost of any study abroad program depends to a large extent on the participant's personal spending habits and lifestyle.

Visa Information

US citizens will be required to apply for a student visa to study at METU for a semester or a year. For additional instructions on the application procedures, please reference our student visa guide. Please note that the appropriate consulate or embassy must be consulted for the most up-to-date visa information.



Housing and Meals

METU has three types of campus dormitories; state, semi-private and private. All dormitories provide bedding. Meals are not included in the fee, but dormitories have canteens where students can eat breakfast and other meals for a nominal cost. All dormitories are located in the same general area near the campus shopping center and is amongst banks, a post office, the campus medical center and sports facilities. State housing is included in the program. Students wishing to upgrade to a different housing option may be required to pay an additional fee.

Programs Dates


Academic Year: September-early June

Winter: February-early June

Fall: September-January (Students are not guaranteed an early departure in December; however, past participants have usually been able to work with their professors to take an early exam in order to return in December.)





METU Course Options

METU offers a wide variety of courses each semester. The majority of courses at METU are taught in English. Most METU courses will transfer back to GVSU as 3 credits. Access the METU course information for a list of courses available and course descriptions.

How will the courses that I take at METU transfer back to my GVSU Transcript?

If the course you wish to take at METU appears on the "Existing Course Equivalencies" list, you do not need to secure course approval for that course. The course has already been approved by the GV academic department.

 Existing Course Equivalencies

Note: This is not a complete list of course options offered at this partner institution

METU Application Process

Step 1 - Students must apply and be accepted into the GVSU OASIS application system.

Step 2 - The Padnos International Center will provide all applicants with application instructions after the OASIS priority deadline.

Step 3 - Students must complete all required application materials for METU.

Step 4 - Students receive admission into the program and are provided with additional pre-arrival instructions.


METU does require all students to show proof of health insurance. Students who do not show evidence of health insurance will be required to purchase an insurance policy in-country. The health insurance coverage through METU is approximately $250.



Campus Information

METU offers a very vibrant campus life. Past participants have strongly recommended that GVSU students connect with the Erasmus Student Network on-campus. The Erasmus Student Network offers a variety of social activities for international students, including short weekend trips to see various sites in Turkey. METU's social clubs host a variety of social activities, festivals, and sporting events throughout the year. The campus also offers a variety of convenience stores, banks, post office, and restaurants for students. For students interested in physical fitness, METU has a large sports facility, including a swimming pool for students to enjoy.





Travel Information

Students will fly into Ankara, Turkey’s capital. From the airport, students can either take a bus to the city center, then to campus or they can take a taxi to METU. Most taxis will not know METU, but they will understand the acronym ODTU.

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