Power of Attorney

As a courtesy, Grand Valley State University can offer a Power of Attorney form for your use. The decision to sign a Power of Attorney form should not be taken lightly. It is important for you to understand that by signing this form, you will be giving legal rights and responsibilities to another person to manage and control your affairs. 

A Power of Attorney is a legally-binding document recognized in the United States that gives a person of your choosing the power to make financial and other decisions on your behalf and is effective while you are out of the country. This may include handling bank transactions, arranging for funds to be deposited to your account or sent to you abroad, handling the payment of bills, and also making arrangements for your financial aid check.

There are other forms of the Power of Attorney that are more specific as to their authority and more limited in nature. Grand Valley State University does not make a recommendation or offer legal advice as to whether you should or should not sign a Power of Attorney of any form. If you have questions about the legal ramifications of signing such a form, you should contact an attorney of your choosing.

If you choose to sign the Power of Attorney, we recommend that at a minimum you leave a copy in your file with the Padnos International Center, that you leave the original and a copy with the person you have given the Power of Attorney to, and that you keep a copy with your personal papers.

Vicki Wenger and Holly Nguyen-Mills, who are on staff at the Padnos International Center are Notary Publics and can notarize documents free of charge. Forms are linked on the website and can be picked up in the office. 

Student Services office also has notaries on staff Monday through Friday 8-5, staff may be out during lunch hours (12:30 - 1:30)  

Power of Attorney Form 

Power of Attorney FAQs

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows an "agent" or a trustworthy person of your choice to take over your financial affairs while you are abroad.

A Power of Attorney is situational for each student, Grand Valley does not encourage nor discourage pursuing a Power of Attorney form. If you have questions regarding the form talk to trusted family members or legal counsel.

In order to pass financial affairs over you must fill out the Power of Attorney Form, which requires a signature from a notary public.

A Notary Public is a government official that is a witness to the signing of legal documents. When you get your signature bring state ID (drivers license) for recognition.

Grand Valley offers services for Notary Publics:

Padnos International Center 130 LOH - email [email protected] or [email protected] to set up an appointment for a signature 

Student Services Center - staff is avaliable Monday through Friday (8-5)

The Power of Attorney responsibilities would be the length of your program. 

It is recommended to fill out the form and get a notarized signature months before departure.

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