Partnership Course Approval Process

This guide is for students participating in a GVSU Partnership Program. 

Step 1: Research Courses Offered at the Host University

Research courses offered at the host university you've selected. 

To access each university's course hand book: Program Search > Find your program > Courses > Click 'Course Options'

Step 2: Review Existing Course Equivalencies

Some courses have already been approved to transfer back to GVSU a certain way. 

To view these courses, see Pre-Approved Course Equivalencies

If there is an existing course equivalency for the course you wish to take abroad, simply fill out the following form: 

Pre-Approved Study Abroad Course Form

Step 3: Request a Course Equivalency

If the course you would like to take abroad has not already been approved, you will need to request a course equivalency from a relevant GVSU department to determine how the course would transfer back to GVSU.

To request a course equivalency, send an email (see Sample Email) or fill out the following form and send it to the appropriate department contact:

 Departmental Course Approval Form

Department Contact


STEP 4: Send Forms to Padnos International Center

Send via email or paper copy

Step 5: Fulfill General Education Credits (Optional)

Courses taken abroad can be used to fulfill General Education requirements including Issues, Foundations & Cultures and Supplemental Writing Skills.