Know Your Destination

In addition to your own research, use these resources to help you learn more about the country you're traveling to. 

Key Things to Know

Some essential questions about your host country you should find the answers to before you leave.


Find out more about the country you are interested in!

Glimpse Acclimation Guides

Student testimonials from abroad and acclimation guides.

Language Preparation

Brush up on your foreign language skills with BBC languages.

Cultural Info for GVSU Programs

We've compiled some important cultural information for our GVSU Programs' location as well as many interesting books and movies that might lend some insight into the culture and times. 

GVSU Study Abroad Reflections

Study abroad can be a profound journey of self-discovery. Click here to see if there are any GVSU students who have submitted a reflection about the country that you are going to go to!

Page last modified March 23, 2015