General Education Credits Abroad

Engineering students may fulfill General Education courses (such as World Perspectives and Issues Requirements) through a study abroad. The best time for Engineering students to fulfill these requirements is the summer after  freshman year, or your sophomore year if you are enrolled in a five-year engineering program.

Most programs allow students to fulfill General Education courses. Browse Programs

Academic Advice

  • Your Global Perspectives Gen-Ed requirement will automatically be waived when taking at least 3 credits abroad.
  • Typically the summer after your freshman year is the best time to go abroad and fulfill Issues requirements.  Find out how!
  • You may have the option to fulfill one of your co-op requirements abroad if your domestic employer has international operations.


  • Students interested in participating in any study abroad program, including co-op through a domestic employer, must make an appointment with a PCEC professional advisor. 
  • Courses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis through the course equivalency process.

Keep in Mind

  • Once you have selected a program, be sure to meet with your advisor again at least three months prior to departing for your program.
  • Be sure to explore both GVSU and external options by browsing the program suggestions below. Students are not limited to GVSU study abroad programs.
  • Students are also able to fulfill General Education requirements abroad, including their General Education Issues requirement.

Engineering Study Abroad Programs

Italy: John Cabot University


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Product and Design Manufacturing

Germany: DHBW


  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Product and Materials Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Engineering

Austria: FH Joanneum

FH Joanneum

  • Any PCEC Major

Switzerland: ZHAW


  • Any CIS
  • Computer Engineering

Switzerland: ZHAW (CIS|Faculty-Led program)


  • All PCEC Majors

International Co-op

Domestic Co-op Abroad

  • Any Engineering Major

Explore Other Program Options

Not finding a program on this list that meets your needs? Explore other options.

IMPORTANT: You can also complete your General Education requirements abroad. 

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To determine GVSU courses that have already been approved, please review Existing Course Equivalencies.

To receive approval for courses that have not yet been previously approved, please review the Course Approval Process.

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