Cultural Info: New Zealand

Did You Know...

New Zealand's current population is estimated at just over 4.75 million in 2018. The most recent census was held in 2013, when the total population was counted as 4,242,048

Believe it or not New Zealand does not have any Snakes, poisonous Spiders, killer Jellyfish or any other deadly insects, that would neighboring country in Australia which are often confused

While English is the predominant language spoken in New Zealand, there are two actual official languages in New Zealand. Maori became an official language in 1987 while in April 2006, New Zealand became the first country to declare sign language as an official language, alongside Maori.
New Zealand Sign Language, or NZSL, is the main language of the deaf community in New Zealand.

Bungee Jumping was introduced to the world by a New Zealander named A.J. Hackett where he started the very first commercial bungee site in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Out of the world’s 17 different penguin species, six of them live and breed in New Zealand! The most common species seen when travelling around New Zealand are the little blue penguins, yellow-eyed penguins and Fiordland-crested penguins.

Lake Taupo was formed by a supervolcanic eruption 26,000 years ago. The dust from the eruption could be seen in modern day China.

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