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The Mexican flag colors were chosen after the independence war against Spain. The green represents hope and victory, white is for the purity of ideals and the red color is for those national heroes who give their life for the country. The Mexican coat of arms represent when the Gods told the Aztecs to make home wherever an eagle was perched on a cactus eating a serpent

Mexico due to his location has one of the richest flora and fauna in the world. Cactus are the most famous plant in Mexico and has over a 1000 varieties of it most of them located in the north part of the country. Agave is the second most popular plant and it's because tequila, mezcal and sisal are made off. But also fauna is big in Mexico, During the winter the gray whales come down from Alaska to Baja California to give birth. 

Mexico's current population is around 130,044,148 with the largest Spanish speaking population in the world. Most of Mexican citizens ethnicity is mestizo, which is a mix of Mexican indigenous and European ancestry. Family unity is the most important value. When you attend a meeting it's important to say hi to every single person or you could be considered as a disrespectful person

Mexico City (D.F), capital of Mexico and one of the biggest cities in the world with 21,000,000 people was built over the ruin of the Aztec civilization.  Mexico has one of the seven wonders of the world, Chichen Itza. Mexico has the oldest university in North America, UNAM, founded in 1551 by Charles V from Spain.

We all know that Mexico is well known because of their mariachi bands and ranchera music. But on the streets and nightlife pop, rap, reggaeton and dj music are the most popular genres in both English and Spanish language. Even the most famous Artist including Justin Bieber, 50 Cent and Snoop Dog have made songs with famous Hispanic artist.

Mexico is well known for their food, but there is way more plates and typical food in Mexico besides tacos and burritos. In the north of Mexico "Carnes Asadas" (BBQ's) are one of the most typical meals, specially on Sundays. Cabrito (goat) is used in many different plates like soups, salads and even BBQ's. In South Mexico eating scorpions, chapulines and some kind of worms are typical snacks.

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