Cultural Info: Israel

Did You Know...

Israel's two official languages are Hebrew and Arabic. Israel's religious diversity consists of 74.8% Jewish, 17.6% Muslim , 2% Christian, 1.6% Druze, other 4% (2015 est.)

Israel has over 3,000 high-tech companies, the second highest concentration next to Silicon Valley. Additionally, the Windows NT operating system, Pentium MMX Chip, and voice mail technology were all developed in Israel. 

The 1917 Balfour Declaration expressed Great Britain's interest to establish a permanent Jewish state in Palestine. After displacing over 600,000 Palestinians, Israel was declared a state in 1948.  

Israeli cows produce more milk per cow than almost any other country, competing only with South Korea and Israeli scientists have ruled that giraffe milk is kosher.

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. The second lowest is 850 feet lower than the Dead Sea, Lake Assal, in Djibouti.

Israel became the first country to place a ban on the use of underweight models on catwalks.

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