Cultural Info: Dominican Republic

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Samaná Bay is taken over by humpback whales who have made an annual trip to the DR to spend the winter for centuries. Dominican Republic is a leader in eco-tourism and has created a whale sanctuary around Samaná in order to protect humpback whales from being hunted. In fact, Dominican Republic is a leader in environmental and sustainable tourism, dedicating around 25 % of the country’s land and coastal shores as national parks, reserves and sanctuaries.

Dominican Republic has the second-largest number of Major League Baseball players next to the United States. Many world-famous baseball players get their start in the Dominican Republic such as David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Albert Pujols, Hanley Ramirez, Miguel Tejada, Juan Marichal, Sammy Sosa and Alexander Rodriguez (aka A-Rod).

More than 800,000 children play organized baseball in the DR.

Perfected over the course of a few centuries, the DR is known for distilling and aging excellent rum. Brugal, Bermúdez and Barceló are the most well-known brands from the Dominican Republic

Presidente Beer is the Dominican Republic's most popular beer and is served throughout the country.  The popular cocktail, Mamajuana, contains a combination of rum, red wine, honey, herbs and tree bark. 

Christopher Columbus accidentally visited the Dominican Republic December 5, 1492. He named it  Hispaniola.

“Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor” in the Dominican Republic is believed to be the oldest cathedral in the world dating back to 1540,  located in the capital city — Santo Domingo. 

Santo Domingo is considered the oldest city in the new world. 


Dominican Republic offered to take 100,000 Jews as refugees during the Holocaust, but relief agencies could only offer a small amount of support.

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