Cultural Info: China

Did You Know...

Despite the country having a huge landmass, from the West to the East, the country runs on the same time --- there is no time-zone difference!

According to FIFA, the ancestor of soccer originated in China around 2,400 years ago. The game was called "Cuju" (which means "kick ball"), and the rules were similar to modern soccer: 12 players per team, no hands nor arms were allowed, and goals were scored by kicking the ball through two posts. However, the most popular game in China is ping-pong.

The country of China is also called the "Flowery Kingdom" because of its variety of flowers and fruit plants, and many of these unique species are imported all over the world.

Giant Pandas are the most well-known Chinese animal, and they date back two to three million years. However, few know that Chinese emperors would keep Giant Pandas to scare off evil spirits or natural disasters. They are also considered symbol of bravery and might.

The Yangtze River in China is the fourth longest river in the world and reaches 5,797 km (3,602 miles) in length. Also, the Yellow River is the sixth longest, stretching 4,667 km (2,900 miles). 

This fact might scare you away if you do not eat meat - so beware!
Australians eat kangaroo meat. In fact, it is considered to be an healthier alternative to other types of meat because of its low fat content (only 1-2%!). Kangaroo meat is available for purchase in supermarkets, butcher shops, and even restaurant menus.

A look into China

Student, A.J. Carter, participated on the Faculty-Led China: Summer School and created this video for us to enjoy!

This video is a 360° video which allows you to pan around whilst watching simply by clicking around with your cursor, TRY IT OUT! 

Hear From A Student

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