Cultural Info: Chile

Did You Know...

The Chilean flag was designed by inspiration on the American Flag. The blue represents the sky, white represents the snow in the Andes, red represents the blood that was spilled fighting for freedom and the star representing their independency.

Chile is rich in flora and fauna. In southern Chile, there is a plant called the Chilean Bellflower, with beautiful red, pink and white flowers. Chile is home of the famous Andean Condor, the largest flying land bird.

Chile's population in 2017 was 18,307,605 where 7.2 million live in the capital, Santiago. Spanish is the main language, but a lot of people speak English and German, as well.

Santiago, Chile is well known for its surrounding mining spots. White Mountain titanium is one of the biggest companies that take advantage of these spots. They produce around 112 million tons of rutile per year. Titanium is considered the metal of the future due to its growing use in 3D printing and aerospace engineering.

Chile's most popular sport is Futbol (Soccer), as of right now they are one of the top 3 teams in all of Latin America, typically competing with Argentina for the Copa America title. Chileans are world class soccer players, having most of their team play in big leagues in Europe.

In Chile, seafood is the most popular food, along with rice, beans, and meat. Its location next to the Pacific brings good quality and quantity of most kinds of fish, especially tuna.

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