What is an apostille?

  • An apostille is a certificate that authenticates a document so that it can be recognized as an official document outside of the United States.

Do I need an apostille?

  • Some consulates require that certain documents for your student visa have an official apostille from the U.S. Department of State. You will need to check the requirements for your visa documents to see if an apostille is required.

How do I get an apostille?

  • The State Department website provides information on how to obtain an apostille.
  • You will want to mail your documents to the State Department in an envelope with tracking so that you can verify when they arrive. You will also want to purchase a return envelope with tracking.
  • This process takes time. You will need to plan ahead to make sure you will receive everything you need before your visa appointment.
  • If you need your documents in a hurry, there are various services for purchase that will expedite the process for you. One option that our office is aware of is Apostille Courier Express. The cost for this service starts at $189 per document. PIC is not endorsing this particular service and there are many other options available that you can find through an internet search engine.

Page last modified June 13, 2019