Our Mission & Values

Student Life's mission is to empower students to effectively engage with their communities through intentionally designed and inclusive programs, services, and environments.

Department Values

Student Life fosters learning, development, wellness, and success for students at Grand Valley State University. We apply the following values to our work.

Inclusiveness, a girl dances in a traditional Indian outfit

Personal Responsibility, students volunteer

Community, students at a football game

Sustainability, students in a greenhouse

Collaboration, students study together

Innovation, students at a conference

Laker Values

Your commitment to being a student at Grand Valley State University begins with a fundamental understanding and appreciation of the mission, vision and values of GVSU. It is expected that all community members will uphold the following Laker Values:

As a Grand Valley State University student, I will take responsibility for my learning.

  • I will attend class and class activities. I understand this means being on time, being prepared, and participating.
  • I will study for my classes. I understand that this includes seeking out support services which will improve my academic success.
  • I will practice academic integrity. I will take credit only for my own work and will recognize and credit others for their words, thoughts, and ideas.
  • I will utilize my course choices at GVSU to include subjects I know little about.
  • I will be purposeful with my time at GVSU to become a successful student both in and out of the classroom.
  • I will prepare myself for life-long learning, following the traditions of a liberal education.

As a Grand Valley State University student, I will be an engaged member of the university community.

  • I will strive to learn about people different from myself, and will not tolerate hateful remarks and actions.
  • I will take responsibility for my own actions, inactions, and words.
  • I will follow State and Federal Law, the Student Code, and university policies.
  • I will maintain my personal health and wellness.
  • I will seek out campus involvement opportunities outside of class activities.
  • I will help the members of my community live by the Laker Values we have pledged to uphold.

As a Grand Valley State University student, I will give back to my community.

  • I will be aware of my surroundings by understanding the needs and the concerns of the world around me.
  • I will serve as an active citizen, by participating in activities which will benefit the GVSU, local, and global communities.

I pledge to uphold the Laker Values as an individual, a student, and a community member.

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