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M.E. McPhee

March 04, 2022

M.E. McPhee

M.E. McPhee is a senior classics major with a minor in math. She is the president of the gymnastics team and had previously served as the vice president. M.E. has been involved with gymnastics since her first year at Grand Valley.

M.E. decided to get involved with gymnastics as soon as she spotted the opportunity on the club sports website. "On Campus Life Night I specifically sought out their table," M.E. says.  Having been a gymnast since she was eight, M.E. was thrilled to continue her journey with gymnastics while meeting people she would never otherwise have known. "I just love doing it," she says. "I love going to practice, I love the team environment and the community."

Getting involved with club gymnastics has left a significant impact on M.E. and her time at Grand Valley. "I didn't ever think I'd be the president of a club or be in charge of anything, so it's given me leadership opportunities," M.E. says. "It's probably been the best part of my college experience."

Gymnastics have left a permanent mark on M.E.'s time as a student. Looking to continue your own hobbies while in college? Explore LakerLink today and see what Grand Valley has to offer!

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