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Tyler Hofmann

July 26, 2021

Tyler Hofmann

Exercise science major Tyler Hofmann has served as the risk manager of the Men’s Ice Hockey team at GVSU. Even before entering college, he knew that wherever he went, he didn’t want to leave behind the passion for ice hockey that he had carried for over 15 years.


“I first heard about GV hockey when I was in high school looking for opportunities to continue playing in college,” Tyler says. 


At the very first meeting, he found the sense of team spirit and friendly competition that he had been looking for. Once he had been elected to an E-Board position, he began working to support and connect with other student organizations in order to build strong relationships with all of Grand Valley’s athletics teams. 


“I have made so many new friends through playing hockey, along with some great memories that I’ll have for the rest of my life,” Tyler says.


Thanks to his student organization involvement, Tyler has become a strong leader and a fierce competitor. If you want to find a sport or a student org of your own, visit LakerLink and start getting connected.


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