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Lindsey Schmidt

January 28, 2022

Lindsey Schmidt

Lindsey Schmidt is a third year student and a double major in biomedical science and chemistry. She participates in undergraduate research and has been a member of the Book Club and American Sign Language and Culture Club (ASLCC) since her freshman year.  


Previously, Lindsey had been a member of the sign language club in high school and was interested in learning more about ASL.  During her first year, Lindsey’s roommate encouraged her to go to a general meeting for ASLCC. She ended up surprised by the amount she learned about ASL and deaf culture. For Lindsey, ASLCC is "a really good learning opportunity and opens [conversations] up to students who are deaf or hard of hearing."


Lindsey's involvement in ASLCC has also led her to break out of her comfort zone. "My freshman year would have been more difficult if I didn't interact with people and make friends," she shares. She also says it made the transition from high school to college much easier.


Lindsey's involvement in ASLCC and Book Club has allowed her to learn and grow. If you are looking to get involved like Lindsey, check out LakerLink to find organizations and events that fit your interests.

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