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Hannah Shorkey

March 15, 2022

Hannah Shorkey

Hannah Shorkey is a senior double majoring in anthropology and political science, with a minor in human rights. She is the vice president of the Rowing Club team.


Eager to engage with athletics after high school, Hannah found the rowing team over the summer and decided to get involved when she arrived on campus. She became a team trustee for 2 years, bonding with and helping new members to integrate into the team.

Right away, rowing required intensive discipline. "We shovel snow during the winter at 4 a.m.," she says. "We have to shovel snow for 3 hours just to be able to practice!"

Despite the work involved, rowing has taught Hannah to stay motivated and even introduced her to some of her closest relationships. "[It’s] taught me how to love my body and my strength," Hannah says. "I met my best friend and my boyfriend…I’ve gotten a ton from this team."

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