How C.A.B. has Enriched Student Life

May 30, 2019

How C.A.B. has Enriched Student Life

There’s always something to do at GVSU, and the newly formed Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.) is here to make sure students find the program that best suits their specific interests. It is composed of a passionate team whose goal is to do all they can to enrich Grand Valley student life and host events that students will find fun and impactful.

The Campus Activities Board was formed (waiting for a response from Jenna Chapa)

Some of the popular events hosted by C.A.B. just this past year include the Big Screen Movie Theater, ExtravaGRANDza, the Spring Concert featuring blackbear, Intercultural Festival, and so many more.

For more information on C.A.B. and exciting upcoming events, visit

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Page last modified May 30, 2019