Green Roofs at GVSU

The uses of green roofs are a layer of plant material that absorbs rainwater to release back into the atmosphere or for the plants to use themselves. It can reduce rainwater runoff by up to 90% and reduce the pressure on storm drainage systems. Rainwater runoff can cause erosion in the ravines, destroying plant life and possibly moving the ravines closer to the grand valley campus.


Green Roofs at GVSU on second floor of Mackinaw Hall

GVSU has many examples of green roofs across campus. According to the map on the campus website there are a total of 6 examples on buildings. Many students walk by these areas having no idea the effects it has on the environment around them. Our goal is to educate students by spreading information about green roofs through these QR codes set up around campus. There is an attached map with other green infrastructure examples, see if you can find any more!



Page last modified December 13, 2021