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Our Purpose

One of the challenges that statistics educators face is getting students to think critically about data. Many of our faculty have found that breaking that class up into small groups and giving students the opportunity to participate in an interesting activity-based learning experiments can be extremely effective in reinforcing concepts. As such, our department has established the Statistical Experimentation Lab (SEL). The purpose of the initiative is to consolidate activities and educational resources appropriate for the SEL and develop improved teaching materials for use in the SEL.

What's Happening in the SEL

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Submitting Labs to the Site

GVSU Statistics Faculty,

Have you, or someone you know, developed a lab that explores entry level topics in statistics? If so, please review the topics explored under the Labs by Chapter page. If your lab would fit nicely underneath one of these topics, please fill out the Submit a Lab form on the Submit a lab page.

--The SEL Web Team

Do you have Questions?

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Statistical Experimentation Lab, please feel free to contact Paul Stephenson, Department Chair ([email protected]) or Brooke Delgoffe, Graduate Assistant/Webpage Developer ([email protected]).

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