Meet the Faculty

Get to know Dr. Sally Ross!

Meet the Faculty

Meet Dr. Jon Coles, Sport Management Program Coordinator

10 Questions with Alumni Eddie Alexander

Learn about Eddie Alexander's experiences at GVSU and now at Nascar.

Evan Ritchie '22

Evan Ritchie discusses what it is like working for the Ticketing Department at GVSU Athletics.

Tyler Emmert '23

Learn from Alumni Tyler Emmert on what it is like working for American Dunes Golf Course.

Ally Bayes '23

Learn about what Ally Bayes was tasked with working for Michigan Special Olympics.

Nathan Overbeek '22

Alumni Nathan Overbeek talks about his time at East Grand Rapids Athletics.

10 Questions with Alumni Zak Spryszak

Hear from Alumni Zak Spryszak on what he is doing at Farwell Area Schools!

Drew Coble '23

Drew Coble talks about his time working for GVSU Athletics.

Shaun Keller '23

Learn about what it is like working for GVSU athletics from Alumni Shaun Keller

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