Evan Ritchie '22

Evan Ritchie '22

Evan Ritchie, Sports Management 2022, MBA, April 2023

Where are you from

Buchanan, MI

Any sports played in high school?

4 years of Track and Field

Favorite place to eat on campus?

Panda Express

Favorite place to eat off campus?

Main Street Pub

Favorite class?

Accounting during MBA

Favorite thing to do outside of school?

Play basketball, play video games, hangout with my girlfriend

Internship title?

External Relations Graduate Assistant, 490 internship credit as well.

End job goal?

Ticketing and Operations in the NBA

Favorite part of the internship?

Working all of the sporting events during the year

Special skills learned/acquired during the internship?

The in’s and out’s of a ticketing system, along with proper inventorying and organizing of tickets and numbers 

Interesting thing or concept from a job nobody knew?

Ticketing and operations is deeper than sports themself. These skills and concepts can be applied in every single event based industry. All skills transfer to other industries and improve the quality of worker one can become.

Student advice searching for an internship?

Go outside your interests and comforts. I had no intentions of working in ticketing ever, but applied to scan tickets to broaden my knowledge. I wanted to work in operations only before ticketing, and now I have learned a lot about both departments and have trained myself for a broader application of jobs.

Advice for students currently in internship/job?

Find ways to make yourself stick out. Work more than everybody else. Ask more questions than everybody else. Find ways to be better than everyone around you and show your bosses and managers that you have real passion for what you do.



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