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Sport Management

General advising guide for those majoring in Sport Management. 

Curriculum Guide 2021-2022 Catalog Year (B.S. in Sport Management)

Curriculum Guide 2020-2021 Catalog Year (B.S. in Sport Management)

Curriculum Guide 2019-2020 Catalog Year (B.S. in Sport Management)

Curriculum Guide 2018-19 Catalog Year (B.S. in Sport Management)

Curriculum Guide - 2017-18 Catalog Year 

SPM 390 Practicum Guide

SPM 490 Internship Guide

Students should meet with their academic advisor to make sure they are on track to graduate and taking the proper courses. Additional resources and support can be found at the CLAS Academic Advising Center

Coaching Certificate

The Certificate in Sport Coaching provides prospective coaches with theoretical knowledge and practical experiences in accordance with the National Standards for Sport Coaching. Coaching stresses the importance of developing an athlete-centered philosophy and a scientifically-based understanding of current issues in sports medicine, motor learning and coaching theory. Students completing the Certificate in Sport Coaching will have a record of this accomplishment appear on their academic transcript.

The coursework consists of:

  • MOV 201: Psycho-social Aspects of Physical Education and Sport; 
  • MOV 217: Modern Principals of Athletic Training; 
  • SPM 355: Current Topics in Coaching;
  • SPM 360: Practicum in Coaching;

IMPORTANT: In order to receive your Coaching Certificate, you must complete the following:

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