Graduate School

Many jobs within the sport management industry now require an advanced degree for employment. GVSU currently does not have a master's level sport management program but many of our students have gone on to seek advanced degrees from the in-state institutions listed below. Other popular programs at GVSU include College Student Affairs Leadership, Educational Leadership, MBA

Michigan Master's Programs

Adrian College - M.A. in Sport Administration and Leadership 

Central Michigan University - M.A. in Sport Administration

Eastern Michigan University - M.S. in Sport Management 

Michigan State University - M.S. in Sport Administration 

University of Michigan - M.A. in Kinesiology - Sport Management 

Wayne State University - M.A. in Sports Administration  

Western Michigan University - M.A. in Sport Management 

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are a great way to gain real-world experience working on a college campus. Assistantships are professional part-time positions that typically include a small stipend and a graduate tuition waiver, meaning free graduate school. 

Taking the GRE

If you are thinking about attending graduate school, it is likely you will need to take the GRE. Check out the CLAS Advising Center's resources for preparing and taking the GRE. 

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