Preparing for the Funding Meeting

Common Questions

During the Appropriations meeting, you will most likely be asked the following questions (that relate to your request). Please review them below and be prepared to answer them.

Event Requests

  • How will this event benefit Grand Valley State University?
  • Has your organization done any fundraising?
  • What funds are your organization paying for?
  • Do you have a set number of participants that want to attend?
  • Why is this event so important to your organization to get funding?
  • Has the Appropriations Funding Board funded this event in the past?
    • If so, how much did we fund?
    • If not, why did we deny the request?

Equipment Requests

  • Where are you buying the equipment from?
  • Is it market competitive pricing?
  • How long will the equipment last?
  • Who will be able to use this equipment?
  • What are you currently doing without this equipment (if applicable)?

Page last modified September 14, 2018