Liliana Borcea

Liliana Borcea

Peter Field Collegiate Professor of Mathematics
University of Michigan
Noah Harding Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics at
Rice University

Liliana Borcea studied physics at University of Bucharest, Romania, after which she obtained a PhD in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics at Stanford University, in 1996. She held the following academic positions: 2013-Present Peter Field Collegiate Professor of Mathematics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; 2007-2013 Noah Harding Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University; 2001-2007 Associate Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University; 1996-2001 Assistant Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University; 1996-1997 NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Applied Mathematics, California Institute of Technology. She also held visiting positions at: Stanford University; MSRI Berkeley; IPAM UCLA; INRIA Rocquencourt, France; Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris.

Her research interests are: inverse problems, imaging, multi-scale problems, stochastic methods with application to wave propagation and imaging in random media.

She is on the editorial board of two SIAM Journals: Multiscale Modeling and Simulations and journal of Uncertainty Quantification, and in the international advisory board of the journal Inverse Problems.  She is presently on the SIAM Council and was the chair of the SIAM Imaging Sciences activity group in (2010-2011).

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